Cataract Surgery

  1. Eyedrops are placed into the eye to numb the surface.
  2. A small opening is made through the cornea and in front of the capsule that holds the natural lens.
  3. This opening allows the insertion of the phacoemulcification tip to enter the eye.
  4. Ultrasound vibrations coming from the tip beak up the cloudy lens into small pieces allowing it to be suctioned or vacuumed from the eye. The outer portion of the lens (capsule) is left behind.
  5. The intraocular lens (implant) is folded and passed through the small incision using a thin applicator. The lens is placed inside the capsule where it then unfolds and fills up the space where the natural lens use to occupy.
  6. The applicator is removed and the small opening closes on it own. No stitches are needed.
  7. Eye drops and ointment are then placed into your eye and you are brought into recovery.

Cataract Surgery Poseter