After Surgery Care

After your surgery we would like you to go home and take it easy.

  • You are NOT to use any eye drops that evening.
  • Please do not rub or touch the eye.
  • It is normal for your eye to feel some itching and mild discomfort after surgery.

Some discharge is also common and your eye may be sensitive to lights. If you have some slight discomfort you can use a mild pain reliever ( Tylenol, Aspirin). If you experience a lot of pain or a decrease in your vision, you should contact our office right away. This is not normal.

You will have an appointment in our office the next day. Dr. Tayfour will check your eye to see how your incision is healing and your eye pressure. You will be given a prescription for eye drops to be used with the drops you started 3 days before surgery and (Please see our eye drops directions) you will be given an appointment to return in 1 week.