Symptoms of A Cataract

Cataracts are a condition, which progresses over time. The more dense the cataracts become the more severe symptoms are. They are usually white but can be tinted yellow or brown. This can affect the way colors appear. When cataracts first appear the changes in the lens are so mild they are called “trace cataracts”. As these changes progress they will be called “mild to moderate” and once the cloudiness becomes very pronounced they are called “mature or ripe cataracts”.

Symptoms first appear as looking through a frosty or dirty window. As this frost or dirt increases, it becomes more difficult to see things clearly and eventually as the cataract progresses light becomes blocked out.

Cataracts vary in the way they develop but usually progress at a slow pace therefore symptoms will progress slowly.

Cataract View

The common symptoms are:

  • cloudy or blurred vision
  • increased haziness, blurring, distortion and yellowed vision
  • difficulty with night vision or low lit areas.
  • night glare or halos around lights (headlights, street lights)
  • glare from bright lights or sunlight
  • double vision
  • being able to see better without glasses.
  • frequent changes in your eye glasses or contact lenses.
  • changes in the way you see colors.

These symptoms can also be a sign of other eye problems, you should contact your eye care professional for a complete eye examination.